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Retail Man Point of Sale 2.7 1-user (POS station)

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Retail-Man Point of Sale 1-user. Supports 1 POS Station or Workstation, a permanent licence for one company name (store).

Retail Man POS converts a PC into a powerful point of sale (POS) + Inventory System when used with POS hardware. Most models of Docket printer, Bar Code Scanner, Cash Drawer, Pole Display, Touch Screen, Scales are supported. Suppliers include Axiohm, Boshi, Citizen, Datamax, Epson, Petrologic, Olivetti, Posiflex, Samsung, Star, Swecoin, Wincore.

Retail Man functions include POS, Inventory, Invoicing & Quotations, Payments Received, Client Details, Stock Management, Purchasing, Chart of Accounts. Import / Export for data exchange with other systems.

    •    Most leading brands of POS hardware are supported
    •    Fast operation on standard computers, efficient use of storage
    •    Quick Menu Buttons on POS screen for commonly sold items
    •    Manage Sales Tax (VAT) at several rates on sales and purchases
    •    Pricing for Retail, Wholesale and other levels
    •    Used internationally in more than 80 countries
    •    Install menus in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese
    •    Customise screens and reports to meet local requirements
    •    Manage the inventory of stock to maximise the return
    •    Monitor cash flow and accounts to improve financial performance
    •    Easy to use software, with levels of access for each type of user
    •    Audit trails of transactions for security
    •    Export and Import data to integrate with other systems

Runs on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003. Upgrades to multi-user and multi-location operation will allow Retail Man POS to expand with your business. Gold Support is recommended to minimise system downtime and for assistance during installation.

Reports include POS Sales, Sales Analysis, Sales Tax, Clients Statements, Aged Clients, Stock Performance, Stock Labels, Purchase Analysis, Purchase Tax, Suppliers, Stock Analysis, Bank Reconciliation, Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Income, Cost of sales, Expenses, Profit & Loss, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet.

The features provided by Retail Man POS include the following :-

• Aged clients
• Assets, liabilities, equity, income, cost of sales, expenses
• Bank reconciliation
• Barcode printing
• Chart of accounts
• Clients details
• Clients statements
• Diary
• Flexible date format, paper size, currency, tax name
• Import / export in standard formats
• Inventory System
• Invoicing / quotation
• Journal posting & entry posting
• Payments received
• Payments to suppliers
• Point of sale entry screen
• POS screen setup
• POS transaction reports
• Purchase Analysis
• Purchasing / purchase orders
• Sales analysis
• Setup for display & cash drawer
• Setup for docket & POS printer
• Start of day processing
• Setup of E-mail
• Standard accounts reports
• Stock adjustments
• Stock analysis
• Stock details
• Stock groups
• Supplier details
• Support for touch screens
• Tax file maintenance
• Telephone directory
• User file maintenance
• Web Store (including OpenCart) 


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I have a store with 2 departments what program do you recommend me? and I want to be able to administrate from my home?

With two departments, do you need to be able to split the sales between the two departments. Do you you need to account for the inventory for each department? With the remote access, it is best to have a workstation that is used for Back Office or Remote Access. You can access this remotely using a package like TeamViewer or Splash.

I WANT TO PAY FOR A LICENSE WITH MASTERCARD,HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO GET THE LICENSE. i am currently using the 1.9 version and am comfortable with it, do i need to ugrade before i buy the license or wil the license work just fine

Sorry for the very late reply. You should allow 12 - 24 hours between payment being made and the licence key been sent to you, but it can be quicker! With a version upgrade you should only upgrade your software after you have received the new licence key, otherwise some features will stop working.

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