Ezi Accounting Gold Support for 1-user
Gold Support for Ezi Accounting 1-user for 12 months

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Gold Support for Ezi Accounting 1-user for 12 months

• Support by E-Mail, with a next day service for answers to questions.
• Notification of new versions of software, including details of new features and bug fixes.
• Recovery from system problems by analysis of data files and entire systems (may require use of FTP server).
• Recovery from system problems by direct access to the target computer – will require VNC or similar connectivity.
• Telephone support through Skype (Internet based Telephony).
• Assistance with import and export of data.

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In Ezi Accounting system i found debitors and creditors accounts are general accounts.How can i creat sub debitor's and creditor's accounts to come at the end to general accounts as a total of the sub accounts. Thank you

You do not create the debtors and creditors in the chart of accounts, its all done from the sales and purchase menu. The system just posts all transactions for the debtors and creditors to their chart of accounts account, and you can track the transactions of the debtors and creditors form the sales and purchase menus.

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